Becoming a Church Member at Hockliffe Street Baptist Church

We believe becoming a church member is an important step of commitment and involvement in the life and decisions of the church.  Anyone is welcome to attend and get involved in church life here, but if you have put your trust in Jesus as your Lord, we invite you to consider becoming a formal member.

We believe being baptised after you’ve become a follower of Jesus is an important step of obedience to Jesus so full membership is open to those baptised as believers.  For those not baptised as a believer, associate membership still shows commitment to the church community.

When you become a church member you make a voluntary decision to associate yourself with us as a group of Christian believers.

It means committing to regularly attend, pray for, give to and serve the church family. More than this though, choosing to be a formal member is a statement that you want the other members to help and support you in your Christian life.

We believe that membership in a local church is a vital part of a Christian’s spiritual life.

We regularly run a short, 2 session Immerse: membership course for those considering membership.

If you have any questions, or would like to become a member, please get in touch.